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What is it?

At the current stage of development, IngeniusPro can be used on a Mac or Windows computer in a number of different ways:

  • A means to increase the number of submasters available on your 500-series or 300-series Strand console.
  • In combination with the Strand 'Node' software running under virtual PC, a designer's remote plotting station.
  • A remote control surface to your 500-series or 300-series console.

The history behind it

IngeniusPro came about when I was doing a lot of 'busking' on a Strand 520i console. I already had a macro tablet, but I needed more faders! So, with the help of local lighting designer David Ashton, I started playing around with sending supported ASCII commands into the console's serial port, mainly with the idea of gaining 'virtual' faders and a couple of days later we had a working prototype.

Over the course of the past eight or nine months, the software has progressed into what we now consider a very useful package. David has been using it to plot shows, instead of taking a remote 300-console to the venues, and I have been using it as an extension to our 520i.

Notable Features

  • Submaster faders that can be either dragged, or adjusted with a mouse scroll wheel.
  • A 'Wheel' control that can be 'spun' up or down using a mouse scroll wheel.
  • Cue playback controls all centred in one place.
  • Softkeys, Function keys and most standard console keys can be displayed and clicked onscreen.
  • Most Genius Pro keyboard shortcuts are supported.
  • Wireless remote control of Ingenius Pro is possible using either Windows Mobile or iPhone* mobile telephones
  • Full screen or half-screen operation.

    * For iPhone remote control, the TCP/IP Remote App is required.

System Requirements

  • Computer Side
  • Ingenius Pro has been tested on Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5
  • It will run on fairly low-end systems.
  • A serial port is required for direct connection to a desk or via a shownet Node COM port. USB to serial adapters have been proven to work with IngeniusPro.
  • Console Side
    • The Communique software must be available.
    • No particular console features need to be 'unlocked'